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"From the Idea to the Final Product!"

Formoplast has been following its motto every single day of its thirty-four-year long history.

It expresses itself in the process of designing the article, mapping out the technological route of metal-tooling and machining, assembling, adjusting and finally testing the ready


The brain of Formoplast is a highly-specialized team of creative-thinking young people, using the "VISI CAD/CAM" Series of "VERO INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE Co. UK" to design and construct models, and to enjoy the fruit of their complex mould-making projects, backed up by a large stock of metal-working machines such as:

-CNC/NC Milling machines FKrS 500x1500, SHW, MAHO 800E, PB 450x1200, DECKEL etc.

-NC Borers BFT 80/2. 90/3, 130/6,

-A variety of grinding machines KELENBERGER, DECKEL –LKS, CNC DOEBELLI – OP150,

-Jig Borers

-Conventional and CNC lathes,

-A variety of ED machines – AGIETRON -EMS 2.20, 3.30, AGIEMAT – 3R, etc,

The company specializes in the making of large-sized moulds for plastic transport, agriculture and industrial crates and boxes, household utilities, technical parts etc. and the production of its own plastic articles.

Formoplast holds the certificate of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System of Lloyd’s Register.

Our moulds are known on three continents - 

Europe, Asia and Africa.






Formoplast Plc, Industrial zone south, 

6600 Kardjali, Bulgaria


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